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How does a person become a KP GENE Authorized Sales Executive?
  • A person must be sponsored into the KP GENE Business by an active KP GENE Authorized Sales Executive. The sponsoring Authorized Sales Executive is responsible for teaching the new Authorized Sales Executive about the KP GENE Business.
How to become KP GENE Authorized Sales Executive?
  • Choose one of the product packages offered by the company
  • As per the selected Product Package make payment to the company by Cheque, DD, Online Transfer or direct cash deposition in one of the company’s bank accounts (Cheque & DD should be payable to “KP Personal Care Limited”)
  • After making payment kindly provide us the details like Bank Transaction ID, Branch Code etc. by calling on our Customer Care no (0261) 3004844 or by E Mail at
  • After verification of the payment company will provide you One Pin No & Scratch No, with the help of this Pin you can log in to our website from “Start Now” option.
How to retrieve my Log in Password?
  • Kindly remember your Security Question & Answer which you have provided while Log in procedure.
  • If you forgot your password, go to Log in Page of the website, click on Forgot Password option.
  • Provide your Username following with Hint Question & Answer details.
  • After verification, system will allow you to create New Log in Password for the particular ID
Why Password & Hint QUS– Answer of your Log in ID should be kept secret?
  • Log in ID Password & Hint Question – Answer is your personal property and one should not share these details with anyone to avoid miss use of your account.
Why I don’t receive PIN / Password retrieve SMS?
  • Reasons for not receiving PIN/PASSWORD retrieve SMS’s are:
    1. Entering incorrect MOBILE NUMBER for PIN/PASSWORD retrieval procedure.
    2. Entering incorrect ID NUMBER.
    3. SMS INBOX of your mobile might be full
When payout will be generated?
  • On every Monday Evening Payout Statement will be generated in you Log in ID
  • From Tuesday onwards your payout income will be released as per the request given by you
  • You can receive your payout income by Cheque only, this cheque can be received at your door step or you can directly receive this cheque in your bank account (proper bank account details should be given in your Log in profile)
  • For receiving cheque directly in to your bank account, one has to send request on e mail ID:
Are KP GENE Authorized Sales Executives employees of the company?
  • No. KP GENE Authorized Sales Executives are independent and not employees of the company.
How can I buy KP GENE Products?
  • KP GENE products are sold by KP GENE Authorized Sales Executives only.
Does KP GENE have any influence over an ASE business?
  • To become a KP GENE Authorized Sales Executive, an individual must sign an agreement to abide by KP GENE’s Rules of Conduct. Each year, they voluntarily renew that promise when they renew their KP GENE business.
    Our Rules promote ethical direct selling principles and provide practical procedures for all Authorized Sales Executives to observe in operating their KP GENE businesses. The Rules of Conduct, which are largely in accordance with local, legal requirements, mandate certain business practices to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations and to preserve harmony among Authorized Sales Executives. KP GENE has the right to enforce these Rules through its contract with its Authorized Sales Executives—up to and including terminating that contract